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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help answer some of the basics about our mobile laser tag service.

What is Laser Tag?

Laser Tag is great entertainment and FUN for the WHOLE family. Using what we in the industry call “taggers”, players attempt to score points by tagging sensors worn by players on an opposing team. The player or team with the most points scored or players remaining after a game are declared the winners.

Do the taggers shoot anything?

Our taggers do not shoot any projectiles. The only thing that comes out of the tagger is an infrared beam. It’s the same safe level IR as your TV remote.

What is the advantage of Mobile Laser Tag over Paintball?

Some advantages include:

  • It’s Completely Eye-Safe
  • There’s No Special Gear Is Required
  • There’s No Pain and No Mess
  • There’s No Ammunition Needed
  • It’s Fun For ALL Ages
  • There Are Multiple Game Formats
  • Laser Tag Promotes Fitness, Team Building, Communication and Problem Solving

How old should players be?

Our Laser Taggers are best for players ages 7 and up. Our taggers weigh approximately 2lbs. and players younger than age 7 may have a hard time carrying them. Players younger than age 7 may participate if they can handle the gear.

How many players can play at one time?

A Battle Recon Field can safely accommodate 10-20 players per game.

What should players wear?

Laser Tag requires a lot of physical movement so players will want to wear clothing and footwear that will not be restrictive in movement.

How long does one game take?

An average Laser Tag game takes an average of 6 to 8 minutes but game time is up to you!

How much room do we need to have an event?

The more room the better. Public parks, sports fields, gyms and parking lots are ideal! However, we can even set up in an area as small as 25’ x 50’. Battle Recon has the ability to use natural surroundings, or our inflatable bunker system can make the playing field truly amazing. Residences have combined their yards together to make larger playing fields, or utilize the front and back yards together.

What kind of surface can we play on?

A large grass field is preferred but we can set up in gyms, warehouses or concrete surfaces. Battle Recon does NOT set up on DIRT surfaces. High winds may become a problem and if so we reserved the right to take down all inflatable bunkers for the safety of the players and/or our equipment.

What do I need to set up an event at a park?

We recommend contacting the park and recreation department of your city to find out which parks permit inflatables to be set up. If the city needs proof of insurance we can provide that at no additional cost.

Is it best to play with Battle Recon equipment during the day or night?

Both! We come out day or night; however, most of our events do take place during the day. For night events additional lighting may be needed to help light up the field.

What areas does Battle Recon serve?

We serve a vast area which includes the following counties: Solano, Napa and Yolo Counties. We are happy to serve other counties; however, delivery fees will apply.

What happens if it rains?

Our taggers can operate in light to moderate rain. In the event of heavy rain where we cannot continue with your party, if we have already set up the playing field, our rate will be prorated after the 1st 50%. If possible an alternative indoor venue should be available for bad weather days to avoid any charges. We are not responsible for the weather; however, the Battle Recon Commanding Officer is responsible for making weather related play/no-play decisions that protects the players and equipment.

What if I need to cancel?

If a cancellation needs to be made we ask for a cancellation call to be made no later than 48 hours prior to the event. If an event is canceled during hour of conduction due to weather or an unforeseen emergency, then the price is prorated.

  1. Cancellations made 14 or more days prior to an event will not incur any cancellation charge.
  2. Cancellations made 7-14 days prior to an event will incur a 50% non-refundable cancellation charge.
  3. Cancellations made less than 7 days prior to an event will incur a non-refundable cancellation charge equal to the amount of full event.

What if I need to reschedule?

Rescheduling an event is always an option and can be done one time without incurring any cancellation charges. Please contact us as soon as you can. We will do our best to find a date and time to best suit your needs. Rescheduling is also subject to availability.

Do we need to sign a Liability Release Form?

Yes, however we make it easy for parents to sign just one liability release form if they agree to accept full responsibility for any accidents or damages on their own property for all players/guests they invited. Since we would not know who was invited or not that extends to any one on the homeowners property and playing our games. If the homeowner does not want to accept that responsibility then it is up to the parent/homeowner to collect a Liability Release Forms for all those guests playing and then provide us those release forms.

What happens if for example my association decides to shut down my party or event?

The customer is responsible for providing the playing space and has already ensured us that no State, County, Municipality, Householder Association, bylaws, etc. prohibit activities like Laser Tag. If your Laser Tag Party cannot take place for any of the former or similar reasons, payment is still due in full.

Can I book additional hours the day of the event?

Additional hours may be booked the day of the event if we do not have another scheduled party. It is always best to book additional hours before the event to assure enough playing time.

Should we offer gratuity to the party hosts?

Our party hosts take pride in making your party experience amazing! If you feel they went above and beyond then the extra appreciation is always nice. All gratuities go directly to our event specialist.

I’m another party service; can I book Battle Recon for my clients?

Battle Recon has specific policies when working with third-party services. Please contact us.