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About Battle Recon Mobile Laser Tag

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Battle Recon, Mobile Laser Tag started with a passion and burden for family! Family is one of the most important things in our lives and we are always looking for fun ways to spend time together as a family. Our first experience with Laser Tag began in 1995 when we visited a local indoor Laser Tag arena in San Jose, CA. From the moment we put on our vest and had our first briefing, our family was hooked! Laser Tag instantly became a family favorite, and in many instances, became part of our weekly routine. Through the years we have continued to enjoy this wonderful game and now have decided to turn it into a family business. Laser Tag has passed the test of time and we are proud to carry on the tradition of a game that can bring people together like none other.

Modern technology has made it easier for people to communicate better today than at any time in our history. Yet with all of our advancements in cell phones, gaming systems & computers, we are communicating more but we are connecting less! People today want to feel connected but connection only comes from facet to face, person to person interaction. Laser Tag makes that connection possible. Laser Tag brings people together and causes them to laugh, to think, to move and to play. These things combined with human interaction create memories that will last you and your family a lifetime.

At Battle Recon we have created a business model that delivers Laser Tag equipment to you! That’s right, Battle Recon is completely mobile. In the past, Laser Tag has been limited to a specific indoor location or facility. That is about to change! YOU now have the ability to bring Premium Laser Tag to your home, church, or school. Whenever YOU want, wherever YOU want! If you are looking for a fun-filled activity that brings your friends and family together like no other, call a Battle Recon specialist TODAY and we will bring YOU the ultimate Laser Tag experience in Northern California.