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Whole Family
A picture of a laser tag tagger with a red laser attached to it.
Laser Tag Fun for the Whole Family

Laser Tag is great entertainment and FUN for the WHOLE family.

Kids Water Tag
A group of boys playing laser tag taggers at a party.
Kids Water Tag
Outdoor Party Activity
A picture of a teen and boy holding red laser tag taggers outside in a park.
Laser Tag Great Outdoor Party Activity

Water tag is a great addition to allow all the warriors to cool off when things heat up.

Kids of All Ages
Two pictures one of a child aiming a laser tag tagger and another of barriers set up in a park.
Kids of All Ages

Kids of all ages having fun with laser tag.

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Mobile Laser Tag – We Bring the Fun to Solano, Napa and Yolo Counties

Battle Recon is a laser tag company that specializes in mobile laser tag, outdoor laser tag, and tactical laser tag in Solano, Napa, and Yolo Counties. Whether you’d like to have a party at your home, Local Park, or a specific location, Battle Recon Mobile Laser Tag can make sure you have the best entertainment experience possible. Our mobile laser tag system is perfect for but not limited to Birthday Parties, School Parties, Graduations, Grad Nights, Team Building, Scouting Events, Sports Tournaments, Family Events, Youth Groups, Church Functions, Special Events, Fund-raisers, Grand Openings, Street Fairs, Car Shows, Camping Trips, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Corporate Events, Stress Relief, and more.

There is no longer a need to plan your party around a specific location or the availability of a family entertainment center. Premium commercial laser tag equipment can be conveniently rented through Battle Recon, Mobile Laser Tag at a reasonable price anywhere in the Solano, Napa, and Yolo County Areas. Battle Recon, Mobile Laser Tag will service your party and event needs by providing you with pure adrenalin pumping laser tag equipment ready to play with for hours. A Battle Recon specialist will drop off the Laser Tag equipment and leave you with simple to use operating instructions so that everyone has a great time at your party or event. When your party or event is over, a specialist will then pick up the Laser Tag equipment. We set up and clean up! Any age group can get in on the action. Battle Recon, Mobile Laser Tag brings you gear and YOU get to have the FUN!

If you would like more information on the Battle Recon Laser Tag Rental Packages, please visit our contact page or call the Battle Recon headquarters. LIVE THE GAME!